About Us

Want your friends to think you’re a sophisticated lover of literature?

Give them something to gawk at through a monocle.  

Do you want something that’s mass produced? Something that your friends will look at and say: “Oh, that’s cute...” and then roll their eyes when you’re not looking? Or maybe you want something that everybody and their uncle could print off google and slap in a frame? Then you've come to the wrong place.

However, if you want a gift that will mic drop for you, or a wall hanging that will blow your friends’ proverbial socks to kingdom come (trust me, they needed to go), or a piece of art that will say to your printer: “Not today, junior.”, then welcome home. Don’t believe us? Just ask our three cats: Ralph, Waldo, and Emerson.  

Once you affix one of these puppies on your wall, you'll instantly be able to quote Shakespeare, discern the age of cognac just by the smell, and speak 17th century French. 

Editor's Note: None of that is true, well, except for the part that you can hang it on your wall, that part is definitely true.  

Serious(ish) Store Description:

In 2018 we realized that there was a lack of quality literature prints. Anyone that had a favorite quote or poem that they wanted framed and hung on their wall were forced to settle for a cheesy image of a flower with text overlaid.

That's why we set out to create Ink & Keys. No more cheese, no more cliche, no more blurry pictures of trees that someone stole from Google images. Each one of our prints are unique. That's because we don't use a printer, we use a real, good ol' fashioned, honest-to-goodness, typewriter. Everything you see on our shop including the trees and frames are hand made, right here in Western North Carolina. 

We want to thank you for all of the support and patronage that has continued to make Ink & Keys better and better over the last two years, and we can't wait to see what the future will bring. 

Oh, and don't think we really hand type each print on a real typewriter? Just ask our three parakeets: Edgar, Allan, and you guessed it...Fred.


The team (well the three of us) that run Ink & Keys.